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Many modern packaging materials can be extremely harmful to the environment. For example, the hazards associated with our over-use of plastic products are well-documented.

While not as bad as plastics, traditional paper can also have a negative impact on the environment. Traditional paper often requires the use of vast amounts of water during the

milling process, the mass harvesting of trees, and a large amount of methane is typically emitted during the anaerobic phase of the degradation process.

Water soluble packaging options from SmartSolve offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to those traditionally made from plastic or paper.

While the look and feel of SmartSolve water soluble products are similar to their plastic or paper counterparts, there are several major differences. SmartSolve products dissolve almost instantly in hot or warm water, are completely non-toxic, do not leave behind residue in rivers and streams, and are classified as readily biodegradable.

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Industries Benefiting from Water Soluble Packaging

If more industries began using water soluble material to package their products, we could cut back on waste and toxic residues which are harmful to the environment. These industries are ripe for increasing their use of water soluble packaging:

Food Packaging Industry

While you might not think food labels use much plastic or paper, think again. Take a stroll through your local supermarket and look around at the aisles of jars, bottles, cans, and packages, each adorned with a large plastic or paper label. Together, these labels account for more plastic and paper than many consumers realize. SmartSolve water soluble labels offer a great alternative for food industry labels.

Wrapping Paper Industry

Between the holidays, birthdays, graduations and weddings, the paper industry produces vast amounts of products, most of which are thrown into a landfill without further use. Wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift bags and other party supplies traditionally made from paper or cardboard could all be replaced by water soluble board stock and water soluble tissue.

Fashion Industry

The fashion industry uses excessive amounts of paper and plastic when packaging items. Many of these packing materials could be swapped out for water soluble products to become more eco-friendly. High-end dresses or suits packaged in water soluble board stock boxes and wrapped in water soluble tissue would appeal to environmentally conscious shoppers. Another unique option to decrease the use of plastics and traditional paper is using water soluble hang tags for clothing and accessories.

Shoe Industry

The shoe industry is another example of a sector that could benefit from water soluble products. Instead of using cardboard boxes, shoes could be packaged in water soluble board stock, wrapped in water soluble tissue, and stuffed with water soluble paper. A water soluble label could be placed on the bottom of the shoe or on the box for product identification. Or, water soluble thread could be used in conjunction with a water soluble hang tag printed with the company logo and tied onto the shoe as well.

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SmartSolve is proud to produce a variety of environmentally friendly packaging products ideal for use in a variety of industries.

Contact us today to learn how your business can benefit from using SmartSolve’s paper-based, water soluble products.

Courtesy: SmartSolve

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