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Water soluble labels are one of the best solutions for reducing our waste. Every year, landfills gather waste, including paper, cardboard stock, and labels. By using water soluble labels from SmartSolve, you can help reduce toxins in the air and water supply. Our innovative product has many practical uses.

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You can use the label as a sticker to promote your brand. Add a thank you message or put in some small reminders as a part of your product packaging. Customers can place the stickers wherever they like, and they dissolve in water.

Food Labels

Water soluble labels are best for sorting out meals and ingredients. You can use them with your Tupperware or other containers when you’re going out for lunch. It’s also a way to sort medicine, supplements, condiments, and more.

Canned Goods

Water soluble stock does not harm the environment, making it a good choice to pair with preserved goods. It’s a green label that helps you sort out food and other things you’re preserving.


Place a water soluble label on the soap, and the customer won’t have to worry about peeling it off. With the first use, the label dissolves with a bit of agitation. Our product works best for similar items you use in the shower, such as gels and shampoo.

Bottles and Drinking Containers

Glass bottles and other containers are often reusable and recyclable. By applying a water soluble label, you allow customers to wash it off, reducing waste. Then they are free to use the bottle in whatever way they like.

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Water soluble labels are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional labels. SmartSolve water soluble labels contain an industry leading, water soluble adhesive designed to ensure labels stay put until they are cleanly removed with water. These labels are also made from wood fibers derived from FSC-certified forests to ensure sustainability. Using water soluble labels can not only help promote a green future but can also attract the growing green-conscious consumer base.

Check out all of our environmentally friendly products that we have available to order online. Do you have a practical use for water soluble labels that’s not listed above? Please send us your ideas!

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