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As we move toward a more sustainable world, it’s important to understand some of the advancements that will allow our earth to thrive for generations to come. One such

advancement is water soluble paper. Many people have heard of this product, but don’t necessarily understand how truly versatile it is. If you or your company are looking for more eco-friendly or sustainable options for your home, office, or consumer products, we’ve listed some of the top uses for water soluble paper.

Arts and Crafts

If you enjoy sewing, quilting, cross-stitching, or other types of arts and crafts, water soluble paper is a great addition to your creativity kit. You can draw designs onto the paper and embroider or sew right through it. When you’re finished, simply wash your project and the paper template will dissolve completely and without residue.


Water soluble paper makes wonderful seed packets or germination kits. You can pre-divide your seeds into small packets made from water soluble paper. Then, place the entire package into your garden when it’s time to plant. The biodegradable paper will dissolve completely, and you aren’t fumbling for seeds with your gardening gloves.

Dissolvable Documents and Memos

If your office uses frequent paper copies of memos or other temporary documents, printing them on water soluble paper significantly reduces waste. When the documents are no longer needed, they can be easily dissolved with minimal harm to the environment (we recommend using water soluble inks for more environmentally friendly printing). This use can also be convenient for documents containing sensitive information, with no shredding necessary.

Soap Wrappers

If you are a natural soap maker, you know that packaging soaps can be tricky. You need a packaging product that will contain the bar of soap, give a professional appearance, and avoid unnecessary waste. With water soluble paper labels and containers, the wrapper will keep the product looking nice until it’s time to use. Then, the paper will simply dissolve down the drain.

Novelty Family Fun

Imagine sending your kids on a top-secret scavenger hunt and instructing them to rinse the paper after completion. Alternately, try inviting your child’s friends over for a spy-themed birthday party where they must conceal their invitation from double agents. The possibilities for unique, creative fun involving water soluble paper are endless, especially with children.

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No matter how you decide to use water soluble paper, you can rest easy knowing that you are reducing your impact on the environment, and supporting efforts to create a more sustainable world. Here at SmartSolve, we lead the industry in eco-friendly, water soluble product development, and our water soluble paper is the best in the business.

Be sure to check out all of our innovative products that we have available to order online. Have a practical use for water soluble paper that’s not listed above? Send us your ideas!

Courtesy: SmartSolve

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