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As major brands across the globe grapple with how to handle both growing need and growing consumer demand for environmentally conscious packaging, there are those that break through and set the stage for others to follow. Saie is one of those brands.

Saie is a health and beauty brand founded by Laney Crowell, who had a vision for a cosmetic brand that was both clean (without any toxic ingredients) and fashionable. “I started experimenting with nutrition, then meditation, and eventually beauty. If I was so conscious about what I put in my body, shouldn’t I be just as sure of what I was putting on my body?” said Crowell, speaking about how Saie was founded.

Saie Brings Environmental Consciousness to Health and Beauty Market

The brand didn’t just stop at clean ingredients. As they said on their website, “What are clean, sustainable formulas and recyclable components if they’re packaged and shipped in materials that aren’t mindful of our planet? We put a lot of thought into ensuring our products are clean and sustainable for our bodies and the environment, and our standards for packaging are no different.”

At the start of 2021, Saie announced they are officially Climate Neutral Certified, taking great effort to measure their carbon footprint. Additionally, the brand has committed to a number of environmentally friendly packaging initiatives, including using cartons made from 100% recycled FSC-certified paper made in a carbon-neutral facility, using cotton balls as padding instead of peanuts, water-activated kraft paper tape to secure products in transit and last but not least…using SmartSolve water-soluble corrugate boxes for their kraft mailers.

SmartSolve Takes Saie Beyond Recycling

SmartSolve worked with Saie to deliver on their commitment for a cleaner, more sustainable packaging approach. Taking steps to understand their unique application and brand, the SmartSolve team recommended water-soluble shipping boxes that Go Beyond Recycling. “The SmartSolve water-soluble boxes were used to launch our new Sun Melt Bronzer and were sent to over 400 top Instagram influencers. It was a really big hit. We had a lot of responses on social about the box and asking what it was made of.” said Michael Irwin, Product Development at Saie.

SmartSolve board stock is an engineered composite, yet it has a 100% organic construction. The magic happens once the SmartSolve material comes into contact with water. The individual fibers have an interlocking mechanism that can only be ‘unlocked’ with water. Once exposed to water, the locks dissolve, allowing the fibers to disperse. In an environment with water, the fibers will release and decompose naturally. Absent water, SmartSolve board stock will naturally biodegrade.

100% Organic, Water-Soluble, and Compostable Materials

In the case of the Saie box, made by SmartSolve, it is 100% organic and will completely compost (ASTM D6868) in 40 days. You can even throw it in your backyard compost pile if you want! There are no “hidden” or unknown substances that can sometimes be present in materials with “recycled content” as part of their makeup.

In a world where container and packaging waste generation continues to grow year over year (at the tune of 82.2 million tons in 2018 in the US alone), SmartSolve is thrilled to see brands like Saie tackle sustainability issues head on. If you have questions about SmartSolve materials, please feel free to contact us today!

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