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As consumers and corporations become more aware of the need for sustainable packaging, innovative solutions with a sustainable focus are more than a fad, they are directly tied to consumer purchasing trends. One packaging arena ripe for sustainable innovation is custom packaging sleeves.

Custom packaging sleeves are almost ubiquitous. Whether marketing or selling food, soap, or arts and crafts, sleeves are commonly used as a packaging solution. But, with water soluble board stock, you can take sleeves a step further into the world of sustainability and environmentally-conscious buying behavior.

If you want to learn more about sustainable and economical packaging options for your sleeves, read on…

Custom Packaging Sleeves

Custom packaging sleeves elevate the design of your products while being cost-effective. Simply by adding sleeves around the product, you can already make it more aesthetically pleasing. From soap and food to invitation cards and books, you can use custom packaging sleeves of different sizes depending on your needs.

Have you considered using SmartSolve board stock for your packaging sleeves? In addition to the extra protection provided for your items, like food, you can also attract more customers by choosing a more sustainable raw material for sleeves…and there is nothing more sustainable than water soluble board stock from SmartSolve.

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SmartSolve Board Stock

An environmentally-friendly option that has been gaining popularity is SmartSolve board stock. A bio-based, biodegradable, non-toxic material, it instantly disperses in water. SmartSolve board stock is not limited to custom packaging sleeves, it can also be converted into hang tags, pillow packs, and backer boards, too.

SmartSolve board stock largely functions like traditional bio-based board stock, in terms of performance and shelf-life, while delivering the magic of dispersion. By using it with custom packaging sleeves, this material allows you to have a competitive advantage over other businesses while helping the environment.

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Choose Greener Packaging Options

While more customers opt to buy products that help save the environment, you can also do your part by using more sustainable packaging. Choose greener alternatives like water soluble board stock.


Bio-Based Packaging Innovation from SmartSolve

Regardless of your industry, SmartSolve has the water soluble products necessary to make your product packaging more environmentally friendly. Contact us today or call 888.788.5085 to learn more about the wide variety of innovative, bio-based packaging solutions that we have to offer.

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