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Paper Fold

Water Soluble Pouch

 100% Dissolvable Pre-Heat Sealed on Three Sides 

SmartSolve Water-Soluble Paper Pouches are designed to deliver a pre-portioned product without having to open the package. In many applications, this solution has the added safety advantage of eliminating human contact or exposure to harmful dry chemicals, agro-chemicals/ pesticides, and medical applications. SmartSolve Heat-Seal Paper is useful in many pouching applications with its water-soluble coating. The environmentally sustainable pouches dissolve easily and completely at any water temperature in within seconds.


  • General masking for hydrographics

  • Cleaner double dips

  • Fineline for hydrographics

  • Opportunity for repeatable masking applications


  • Dissolves easily and completely in any water temperature

  • Leaves no adhesive residue

  • Excellent printability for sharp design and graphics

  • Contains heat seal coating for pouching

  • Dissolves in 40 seconds or less

  • Environmentally sustainable

  • Material has an expected shelf life of 12 months
    Technical Data

Paper Fold

Pre-heat sealed on three sides, SmartSolve water soluble stock pouches allow the user to conveniently fill with the product. After filling, heat sealing the fourth side keeps the contents dry and secure. Available in a variety of sizes.


Beginning in 2016, DayMark Technologies became SmartSolve® Industries, with expanded entry into markets seeking water soluble, paper-based packaging, and materials. SmartSolve Industries is a CMC Group Company.

Watch  in action

  • Go beyond recycling, beyond boundaries 


“While searching for an alternative to water-soluble plastic containers, we happened upon SmartSolve water-soluble paper and found it to be the perfect fit. The SmartSolve product dissolved quicker and more completely than the plastic and was a much more environmentally-conscious choice. It also prints significantly better than plastic. The Kid Casters product was a hit within the fishing industry because of the positive way it introduced kids to fishing and SmartSolve played a major role in that success.”

Ralph Duda III

(Kid Casters)

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